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Mount Muhabura

I’ll post a longer blog about scaling Uganda’s second highest mountain over the next few days, mostly because it is an amazing experience with very little information about how to go about it.

But for now, and to show just what an amazing experience it was, here are a few pics from Mount Muhabura.


A view of Mount Muhabura from about 10 miles away looking along the Virunga Mountain range


Looking out towards Mount Sabyinyo


A beautiful day in valley below with a little weather beginning to form over Muhabura


Entering one of the five vegetation zones we went through on the way to the summit




On the final ascent to the summit, ladders were the only way to get up the gradient


Not many places in the world you can go for a swim at 16,000ft, or cross from one country to another. Here is Sam and I in the crater lake at the summit swimming back to Uganda from Rwanda


At the summit. Behind us and below the clouds is Rwanda



Before the teaching comes the screeching

For many of our volunteers, their 6-12 weeks with Volunteer Uganda is their first in Africa. For many more it is there first time in Uganda.

Before the serious work of teaching in schools begins many choose to mark this with another first – bungee jumping into the Nile and then rafting down it through some of the toughest rapids in the world.

With Adrift of the Nile, volunteers can launch themselves – with bungee rope attached – from a cliff 44m above the Nile. It may not be the highest in the world, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful.


And if that isn’t enough excitement for one day, they can then raft down 8 Grade 5 rapids over 22km of the world’s longest river.


Quite a start to their African adventure with Volunteer Uganda!

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