Not all nationalists support “crazy Euro-sceptics”

Not all nationalists supported “crazy Euro-sceptics” in the EU budget vote on Wednesday evening.

While all six SNP MPs did vote to cut the long term EU budget, some other nationalists took a more considered, thoughtful approach.

After the vote, Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards said:

“We decided not to support the crazy right-wing
Conservative Eurosceptics last night because Wales receives vast sums of
money from the European Union.”

The question that the SNP, and particularly Agriculture Secretary Richard Lochhead, must answer is “what do they want to cut?”

Lochhead has long toured the farms of Scotland, as well as the corridors of Brussels, telling anyone who would listen that a strong EU budget was needed to protect Scottish agriculture.

What has changed? Either Lochhead did not know his SNP MPs were going to vote to cut the EU budget, or he didn’t care.

The agricultural industry will care. Mr Lochhead must explain to the industry what he is willing to cut from the rural development budget.

This, after all, is presumably the policy of the SNP government.

Yet another issue of trust for the SNP.


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