Not in my name

In response to the Yes Scotland website scam, the campaign has issued the following statement:

“ is open to all people who want to find out about the many benefits of an independent Scotland, including 15,000 supporters who have already signed the Yes Declaration and followers, people of ‘independent mind’, who are not counted as supporters, and who have connected with Yes Scotland through our website, Facebook page or twitter account simply to find out more.”

I, and many other people who work or are interested in politics, follow Nick Griffin on Twitter – but it doesn’t mean I want a picture of myself on the front page of the BNP website implying I am a supporter.

As Euan McColm points out, this is dishonest in the extreme. Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie has condemned it in the following terms:

“They tried to rig the referendum, now they are rigging the website.

“Following an individual or group on Twitter should not be misrepresented as support.

“The Yes Scotland website fails to make this distinction and implies that everyone who follows the campaign supports the campaign.

“This is an underhanded way to pad out numbers to make it look like more people support the break-up of the UK than is actually the case.”

The Yes Scotland team have to explain how they differentiate between ‘supporters’ and ‘followers’ as this is not clear on their website. Many people are angered that their name has been used in such a misleading way. They deserve an apology.

This is a another blow to the campaign after a launch that political commentator David Torrance described as “frayed around the edges.”


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  1. […] response to complaints, the campaign have done two things. They’ve issued a statement (h/t Little GrumpyG blog): “ is open to all people who want to find out about the many benefits of an […]

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