Labour leak… again

Anyone who works in a large organisation will be aware of the pitfalls of distribution lists. Hit the wrong button and your email, which was supposed to discreetly point out that a colleague’s choice of office attire is an affront to fashion, can be sent to everyone from the boss to the tea lady.

And so it is in the Scottish Parliament that these everyday issues glean a political edge. Hit the wrong button and your carefully crafted political strategy is transmitted to your opponents in a blink of an eye. Now, Drew Smith’s email may not have outlined Labour’s political strategy, but it is an embarrassing mishap coming just days after leaked Labour emails over the budget vote at Westminster.

Note to self: triple check recipients from now on!

The email exchange that was sent to the entire Scottish Parliament this morning.

From: Gray I (Iain), MSP
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 10:46 AM
To: Smith D (Drew), MSP; DL MSPs LAB
Cc: DL Labour Support Unit; DL MSP Researchers
Subject: RE: Mark McDonald, voting against a budget


Also this exchange which I thought I remembered.

Willie Rennie: If Kenneth Gibson welcomes those initiatives, why did SNP MPs at Westminster vote against them?
Kenneth Gibson: We must look at the budget in the round. If Mr Rennie listens to the rest of my speech, he might hear that.


PS Mr McD does not appear to know what a dichotomy is either…….

From: Smith D (Drew), MSP
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 10:39 AM
Cc: DL Labour Support Unit; DL MSP Researchers
Subject: Mark McDonald, voting against a budget

Colleagues, may have heard Kez referring to Mark McDonald in closing the budget debate yesterday.  Given that Mr McDonald likes to parrot the SNP line in the Chamber that Labour have voted against apprenticeships, street lighting, apple pie and every other positive aspect of government spending because we haven’t supported various SNP budgets.  Members may find it useful to point out his assertion that the SNP are entitled to welcome specific aspects of the UK budget while rejecting the overall package, should they encounter an intervention on this subject in a future debate.

Mark McDonald (North East Scotland) (SNP): Let us knock on the head a false dichotomy—the claim that somehow we do not support certain measures in the budget. We have recognised that there are some welcome measures contained deep within the budget that relate to, for example, the computer games industry and the offshore sector in my region. Admittedly, they reverse damage that was done before. It is a bit like a person thanking the man who has turned up at their door with a couple of buckets of water, but who had set fire to their house in the first place.


Drew Smith MSP

A new voice for Glasgow




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