Yours maybes aye, maybes naw

Lovers of grammar everywhere, look away now.

I post this Scottish Conservative email to party members in full, warts and all. I sincerely hope that Ruth did not actually write this herself.

Yours aye, naw, maybe.


Dear Colleague,

I wanted to write to you before our Conference this week to let you know about the great progress we are making as a party heading into the important local government election.

As you will be aware, in 2010, Lord Sanderson of Bowden carried out a forensic examination of the Party’s fitness for purpose with his Commission. The Report he produced, Building for Scotland, was a blueprint for future success and the full engagement of the grassroots of the Party.  I am delighted to announce that of the 88 areas of recommendation in the Report we have now implemented, or are in the process of implementing, 73.  At our Conference we will elect the new Management Board who can then get on with the job of completing the final 15 recommendations.

With regard to policy, we have already pushed ahead with the launch of proper policy discussions for members, engagement with third parties, think tanks and practitioners as well as ensuring we have proper debate at conference about the issues that really matter to Scots. 

On membership, we have launched a major membership recruitment campaign which will continue throughout the year, but has already added more than 2,000 members to our party from our position a few months ago during the leadership election. 

On party organisation, we have elected 3 excellent Regional Conveners, who will ensure that we are reaching out to be a party of all of Scotland.  We have appointed 2 Regional Campaign Managers and are in the process of appointing a third – to succeed we must be a potent campaigning force once more.

The changes and improvements will continue beyond May’s elections and throughout the year and I will keep you updated with our progress.

However, in the short term, look out for a number of exciting announcements this week – not least on Friday with the launch of our Friends of the Union Group.  I hope to see as many of you as possible in Troon as well as in the coming months as I continue to promote the party across Scotland.

Yours aye,



Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party


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