Independence = mathematical formula + hyperbole + distortion

Over the weekend it was revealed that an independent Scotland could lose as much as £210 million a year in vital research and development funding.

Scotland currently punches well above its weight in terms of R&D funding, drawing in 14% of funds allocated from UK sources while holding just 8.5% of the UK’s population.

We have a fantastic reputation for leading cutting edge research but the SNP would threaten this with separation by reducing the funding available to academics. This is the wrong path to take Scotland down but with their ideological blinkers on all we got from the SNP was more vitriol.

Education Secretary Mike Russell among them…

Note: No positive message about Scotland being able to match the £500 million the UK makes available to Scottish research projects every year, just abuse.

As though to try to reclaim some ground, Joan McAlpine tweeted the following:

Firstly, the link is not to the so-called “prestigious academic journal” – it is a link to the SNP news blog newsnetscotland – never one to miss an opportunity to peddle SNP propaganda.

Second, let’s delve into the claim that “Scotland will do better with independence” and independence is “quite likely.”

The study uses a mathematical formula to come to its conclusions.

Which regions are more likely to secede? Which countries stand a better chance to cooperate and possibly unite? To answer these questions, we start by increasing the cost associated with cultural heterogeneity, and check which region would be the first to secede.

The report concludes that as likely as Scotland seceding from the United Kingdom is the possibility of the union of Britain and France, Greece and Portugal & France and Italy.

All as logical as each other according to the paper. Greece and Portugal united. The mind boggles.

It is also worth pointing out that the study is focussed on mathematical theory, not economic policy. At no point does the report offer conclusions on if Scotland would be better of as an independent country.

When the SNP resort to distortion of an academic report on mathematical theory to support increasingly weak agruments that form their separation obsession you know that the wheels are coming off the wagon.


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