Nats looking for back door escape

From SNP press release on Malcolm Chisholm’s article in The Scotsman this morning:

“Labour and the Lib Dems need to understand that the only alternative to campaigning for ‘devo-max’ is for them to stand with the Tories in opposing any more powers for Scotland – a totally disastrous position to adopt in Scottish politics.”

I love how the SNP points to every person who says “Yeh, devo-max, excellent” as though it’s a victory.

Have they forgotten what they stand for?

It actually just shows their desperation to have back door escape when independence is rejected. It is, after all, the only policy they can all agree on and the rejection of it will fracture the increasingly shoogly bonds between them.

The SNP says that if Labour and the Liberal Democrats don’t campaign for devo-max in a two question referendum, then the only alternative is to stand with the Conservatives and support the status-quo.

Two things.

First, the two question conundrum has been found to be wholly inadequate by any democratic standards. 51% say yes to independence (only in the SNP’s wildest dreams!) and 99% say yes to more powers, then what do we get? That’s right, independence. Mr Salmond may as well fill in all the ballots while he’s at it.

Second, it is not the only alternative. Scottish Liberal Democrats are clear that we will pass the Scotland Bill, which will deliver the biggest transfer of fiscal powers to Scotland for 300 years, create a blueprint for ‘Home Rule’ through the Campbell Commission which serves the best interests of Scotland and the UK in the long-term, and campaign to reject the SNP’s separatist agenda.

Now that’s hardly the status quo is it.


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