Sunday sermon #3: Hallelujah for… Edinburgh trams

After a little break, Sunday Sermon is back tackling the big issues. And there is no bigger issue in my little part of the world than the Edinburgh trams project.

There has been much anger in Scotland’s capital over the construction of a tram network, the rising cost, the wrangling over the route, the disruption which has been likened by some to a war zone.

What the Edinburgh trams will look like... eventually

People, people, people, what is with all the agro? You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. The Leaning Tower of Pisa took 177 years to build and look at it now… perfetto. The cost of building the Titanic went wildly over budget but they ended up making a movie about it – so these things all work out in the end.

I wanted to take a moment and think of a few of a few of the good things about Edinburgh’s love affair with the trams.

  1. We now know the location of every Victorian sewer.
  2. Making small talk with the city’s taxi drivers has been easy.
  3. Edinburgh is the 2nd most congested city in the UK. Changing traffic diversions on an hourly basis and digging up the roads has helped reduce the log jam.
  4. It’s been a hoot telling tourists that the destruction on Princes Street was due to a mis-firing of the One O’Clock gun. 
  5. The trams have given ample fodder to the Edinburgh Fringe, including shows like Silence of the Trams.

See, it’s not all bad. So let’s all say hallelujah for the Edinburgh trams system, which will be operational soon, ish. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday sermon #3: Hallelujah for… Edinburgh trams

  1. Nicola says:

    I am a student from Lancaster University currently doing some research for
    my undergraduate dissertation on the Edinburgh Tram Project. My aim is to
    look at the costs and benefits of the project.

    I recently came across your blog. I am trying to gain a variety of opinions
    on the tram project and was wondering if I could ask you some questions
    via e-mail about your opinion on the Edinburgh trams to include in my

    I hope to hear from you,

    • littlegrumpyG says:

      Sorry Nicola for taking so long to get back to you, i have been in Africa for the last two months. Happy to help if I can, I hope it is not too late.

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