NOTW is dead, but rebirth begins

In a move that shocked many, News International announced this afternoon that Sunday’s edition of the News of the World,  the UK’s best-selling Sunday paper, will be the last.

This is after new revelations about the phone hacking allegations that have engulfed the organisation.

But, interestingly, the domain name was registered through 123-reg only two days ago.

So the News of the World may be dead, but the re-birth of the paper, the re-branding of the franchise has already started. Watch out for the all the companies that pulled advertising to begin re-negotiations with the “new” paper for better rates.

Although the closure of the paper is shocking, what is more shocking is that hundreds of staff at the News of the World who had no knowledge of, no part in the phone hacking scandal will now lose their jobs while Rebekah Brooks, former Editor of the NOTW and now Chief Executive of News International, gets to keep hers.

I should add “for now” on to the end of that last sentence. The crocodile tears when she announced the closure to NOTW staff will not save her. The ongoing investigation into the scandal will in all likelihood implicate her in some way. It is just a shame that she the Murdoch’s have decided to pull down the house to try to save the family silver.

A lot of people will be looking for new jobs now, through no fault of their own.

UPDATE: Here is an interview with the NOTW Political Editor David Wooding on BBC, where he explains how he was told about the closure and says a new team “are carrying the can for the sins of a previous regime.”

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