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A wise man once said: “Grumpiness is the ultimate form of wisdom.”

This quote will hope to form the basis of this blog in the days, weeks and months ahead. While the thought of reading the musings of someone who freely admits to feeling a little closer to supping the dregs of his pint than the frothy top may not appeal to you immediately, take a moment to consider the true meaning of that quote.

Professor Forgas of the University of New South Wales, Australia, wrote in 2009: “Negative moods trigger more attentive, careful thinking, paying greater attention to the external world.”

Prof. Forgas’s research concluded that while so-called happy people may be creative and flexible, those with sunnier dispositions are actually less likely to consider issues in a clear and concise way. Is that not what you want from a blog?

Grumpiness - A sign of a more advanced nature?

Other research carried out by Harvard University showed that being intolerant and short-tempered could actually be a sign of a more advanced nature.  Now,  not for one second would I suggest those who believe that gold really does lie at the end of a rainbow are less evolutionary advanced than those of us with clouds stalking them – but science would, and unless you believe the Earth is only 6000 years old and that Rapture is “going to happen any day now, really it is” then science rules all. Period. Full Stop. End Of.

So this blog will, I hope, offer thoughts on everything and nothing filtered through a less than positive outlook. But before you think it is all going to be doom and gloom I’ll leave you with this thought…

The full quote is this: “Grumpiness is the ultimate form of wisdom, it is realising the futility of all we do.”

This, for me, takes it too far. Nothing we do is futile, futility is doing nothing.

You see, fortune cookie wisdom already and it’s only Day 1.

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